Four Winds is a biennial festival of classic, cultural and world music.

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We have so much to show you, and a sublime program to make your heart sing.

2014 Program

Outstanding national and international artists performing new and old music from around the world.

Four Winds Artists

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Festival Information


Four Winds Festival is more than just exquisite music. It’s more than just a gathering of some of the finest musicians from around the world. It’s also about a very special place we call Nature’s Concert Hall; 30 acres of open and wooded parkland, an open-air amphitheatre with grassed tiers that drop gently down to a stage framed by a lake that reflects the changing colours of the sky and is home to the frogs that sing along, and a brand new Windsong Pavilion, a 160 seat indoor concert hall, acoustically designed and very beautiful. We can’t wait to show you…

You can experience some of the magic from last year’s festival here…

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